"I believe every child is destined for greatness and my desire is to see the next generation of children thrive"

Author Bio

Michelle Junaid is a children's picture book author with a heartwarming debut titled "When I Grow Up." As a devoted mother-of-two and a full-time HR and Compliance Specialist, Michelle's passion for writing children's books was ignited by her faith, which played a significant role in shaping her journey as an author.

Her writing style focuses on simplicity, creating an interactive and enjoyable reading experience for readers around the ages of 3-5. Michelle's deep-rooted desire is to see the next generation of children thrive. Believing that every child is destined for greatness, Michelle takes pride in her contribution to making this belief a reality. She devotes her spare time to engage with young minds at her local library.

Collaborating with the team at Bear With Us Productions, specialists in award-winning children's book illustration and development, she had the opportunity to work alongside the talented Mostafa Mahdy, an artist, filmmaker, and art director. Their combined efforts brought her vision to life, enriching her book with visually captivating illustrations that complemented her touching storytelling.

“I want to ignite the imaginations of young minds and inspire them to dream BIG!”